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Long-standing customer relationships and candidate assignments confirm our good eye for detail. We will also find exactly the right person for you, who will enrich your company with knowledge and joy in doing things.

Temporary placement

Recruitment and selection of temporary positions

  • Temporary placement is a flexible solution for staff recruitment in your company. Personnel bottlenecks due to seasonal fluctuations, illness-related absences or organizational hiring freezes can thus be easily bridged.
  • Delegate the full coordination and administration of temporary employment relationships to us - even for short-term assignments - from 1 day!

Placement agency

Recruitment and selection of permanent positions / permanent positions

  • Leave the search for suitable employees to us and benefit from our extensive recruiting experience.

Try & Hire

Employee on probation

  • Test potential employees for three full months before deciding on a permanent position. Your preferred candidates remain under contract with us during this time. If the performance of the employees has convinced you after three months, hire them at no additional cost.


Payroll about us

  • Your new and existing employees will be contracted by us and we will take care of all administrative tasks for you.


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